Monday, May 13, 2019

Product Review: Lose it! Food Tracking App

If you are trying to drop a few pounds, keeping track of what you are eating is essential. It provides accountability and gives you a sense of control over the healthy changes you are trying to make. I always have a new client write down their food for the critical first few weeks of our work together. 

That is why the Lose it! app is next up for review. This is an app for your smart phone that allows you to track your food. It is available for both Android and iPhones.

1) The lite version is free, which is great. 

2) It is really easy to use. It takes about 2 minutes to get comfortable with how it works.

3) There are 7 million foods in the database. Every single food I tried to look up was there.

4) It is convenient. Being able to log your food on your phone makes it really easy.

5) There is a macronutrient breakdown that shows you the percentage of your diet that is fat, protein and carbohydrate. This is very useful.

6) You can scan the bar code of a food item in the app to add it to your meal. This really increases the accuracy of your logging.

1) There are constant reminders to upgrade to the premium version. I don’t begrudge anyone trying to make money, but it does get a little annoying.

2) There is not a lot of nutrition information available in the lite version. Nutrients such as saturated fat, grams of sugar, sodium, etc, are not available.

3) There are lots of links to other things you don’t really need that clutter up the interface.

Do I Recommend the Lose it! food tracking app?
Absolutely. This is a great app that will help you keep track of your diet. It is convenient, free, easy to use and has a comprehensive food database. Lose it! makes logging your diet a snap. I do not know if upgrading to the premium version is a good value as I, personally, did not see the need to do that. Give this one a try. It is available at the Google Play Store or the App Store for Apple products.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with the company that makes the Lose it! food tracking app and make no money if you use it.

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