Monday, May 13, 2019

Fruits And Vegetables And Your Health

The Study
Blood levels of vitamin C, carotenoids and alpha-tocopherol are biomarkers for fruit and vegetable consumption. In a meta-analysis of 69 prospective cohort studies, the association between these biomarkers and health were examined. In addition to blood levels, this study also examined dietary intake of these nutrients. The results were impressive. Blood levels/and or dietary intake of these nutrients were associated with a statistically significant lower risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease, cancer and all-cause mortality. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2018: 108: 1069-91.

Take Home Message
We have all heard it many times before- fruits and vegetables are good for you. Well, they still are. Fruits and vegetables are among the most healthy things that we can eat. Load up on them. I have my clients shoot for at least 5 servings per day of fruits and vegetables. More is better. 

Just a few notes:

-Limit dried fruits, like raisins and dried cranberries. These are higher glycemic can spike your blood sugar.

-Limit fruit and vegetable juices. These are also high glycemic.

-Try to vary your sources of fruits and vegetables. Get as many colors on your plate as possible.

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