Friday, September 11, 2015

Product Review: Tanita Ironman Scale

When deciding on which products to review for this newsletter, I always ask myself two questions: 1) Will this product make it easier for my clients to succeed in attaining their health and fitness goals?  2) Am I asked about this type of product on a regular basis? An accurate, reliable scale answers both of these questions with a resounding “Yes”. Therefore, it is time to review the Tanita Ironman BC554.

Basic principles of weight loss are the same for everyone and can get you pretty far on your weight loss journey. However, to get those last few pounds off, I have found that the strategy becomes highly individualized. Some people will need to apply additional focus to their cardio to get there. Others need to look more closely at their total calories. For others, it may be lifestyle factors like alcohol consumption, snacking, or late night eating. The last few months of the weight loss journey very much boils down to trial and error. You make a change and see if you lose weight, if not, you try something else the next week.

In order to find out what will work for you, you need to weigh yourself properly and consistently. To do this, you need an accurate and reliable scale. I have been a huge fan of Tanita Ironman scales for years. I currently have the Ironman BC554.

1) Accuracy. I consider the Tanita Ironman line research quality. Knowing you have an accurate measurement is, for obvious reasons, pivotal.

2) Durability. My last model lasted me for almost 10 years.

3) Long battery life. I am amazed at how long the batteries last in these scales. You go years without having to replace them.

4) Measures body fat. If you are lifting weights while you are losing weight, a time may come where you will be building muscle and losing body fat at largely the same rate. This can become a bit frustrating as the number on the scale stops going down. At this point, your percent body fat is a better indicator of progress than your weight. Tanita Ironman scales come with a bioelectrical impedance analyzer to measure body fat. When used correctly, these scales provide an accurate measure of body composition which can become a very useful measure of progress toward your goals. 

1) A bit pricey. The BC554 currently lists on Amazon for $147.99. This is a lot for a scale. Other models in the Ironman family range from $99.99 up to $239.99, depending on features.

Would I Recommend Tanita Ironman Scales?
Without a doubt. These scales can be a bit on the pricey side, but they last forever, are highly accurate, and allow you to measure your body fat. Overall, they are a great investment in your health. 

To learn more about Tanita scales, visit If you want to buy one, you can pick it up on 

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