Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Fruit Juice And Weight Gain

The Study

100% fruit juice has historically been considered part of a healthy breakfast. Recent research suggests that it may be associated with weight gain. In this study, a comprehensive review and meta-analysis of the research literature was conducted to answer this question. Forty-two studies were included. 

Here is what the researchers found when combining all of the data:

-Among children, each additional serving of fruit juice was associated with a statistically significant increase in body mass index.

-In adults, studies that did not adjust for total energy consumption showed a statistically significant weight gain with 100% fruit juice consumption.

Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2023.6124

Take Home Message

There are a few potential explanations for these results:

1) Drinking fruit juice may increase cravings for sweet foods.

2) Liquid calories are not registered in the same way as solid calories, so we tend to overeat when consuming liquid calories.

3) There is less fiber in fruit juice which results in a more rapid absorption of the sugar found in juice.

Always eat fruit in it’s whole and natural form. For example, have an orange instead of orange juice. Have an apple instead of apple juice. When it comes to our food, the less processing, the better.

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