Friday, January 13, 2023

Dietary Choices And Sleep Quality

The Study

The association between diet and sleep quality was investigated by a research team at Columbia University. Twenty-six subjects slept 5 nights in a research lab. Four of those days they ate a controlled diet, and the fifth they could eat whatever they wanted. The results were very interesting:

-Fiber was associated with better quality sleep (more slow wave sleep).

-Saturated fat was associated with worse quality sleep (less slow wave sleep).

-Sugar and low fiber carbs were associated with worse quality sleep (more arousals).

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 2016; 12:19-24.

Take Home Message

Quality sleep is critically important for both our physical and mental health. This study shows that what you eat can have a real impact on your sleep. The researchers theorized that our food choices can have an impact on our circadian rhythm and melatonin production.

There are lots of reasons to limit saturated fat, sugar and refined carbs and make sure you are getting enough fiber. Now we have one more.

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