Saturday, November 13, 2021

Why Are Some Of Us Resistant To Weight Loss?

The Study

In this interesting study, 39 subjects completed a 28 day low calorie diet. By the end of follow up, 23 of the subjects lost the expected amount of weight, while 16 did not, despite following the diet well. These subjects were compared:

-Subjects who did not hit their goal weight had a significantly lower drop in metabolic rate. The successful losers dropped an average of 80 calories a day in metabolic rate. The less successful subjects had a 175 calorie drop.

-There was a dysregulation in fat oxidation metabolites in the unsuccessful subjects. This lead the researchers to believe that they were not as efficient at oxidizing fat as the successful subjects. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2021; 114:267-80

Take Home Message

This is a fascinating study to me. It looks like our genes may influence our ability to lose weight. Some people will do better following a weight loss program than others. Lifting weights during the weight lost process can spare lean body mass, which will blunt the reduction in metabolic rate that comes with weight loss.

The inefficient fat oxidation is very interesting. We need more research in order to understand this better and to come up with a potential fix. Perhaps a medication could be developed to help here.

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