Friday, March 12, 2021

Midlife Body Composition And Healthy Aging

The Study

In this interesting study, over 1,000 men had their body composition taken in midlife and were followed for 32 years to see the impact of muscle mass on quality of life and odds of reaching the age of 90. The results were fascinating. Subjects in the highest category of muscle mass had over twice the odds of reaching age 90 when compared to subjects with the lowest muscle mass. Furthermore, having more muscle increase quality of life dramatically, which included:

 -improved physical functioning.

 -decreased role limitations due to health problems.

 -improved social functioning.

 -improved general health.

 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2020 112:1287-94.

Take Home Message

Physical activity is imperative to healthy aging. How do you maintain your muscle mass as you age? You need to hit the weights 2-3 times a week with a full body program and engage in regular cardio. Exercise is like the fountain of youth. I hope you are all taking full advantage of it!

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