Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Which Cardio Machine Should I Buy?

Getting to the gym on a daily basis doesn’t really work long term. We are all just too busy. Having the ability to do cardio at home is pivotal to generating the type of consistency necessary to make lasting changes to your weight.

A question I always get is; “What cardio machine should I buy?” My answer, in every case, is an elliptical trainer.

1) Elliptical trainers are low impact. Many modes of cardio that burn a lot of calories are tough on your joints. High impact cardio classes and running are two examples. Elliptical trainers are much easier on your joints. My client’s that use elliptical trainers have far fewer injuries than those that engage in more impactful forms of exercise.

2) You burn a lot of calories. Since elliptical trainers are an upright form of exercise, you lift your full body weight with each repetition. This makes the elliptical machine an efficient calorie burner.

3) Elliptical trainers are appropriate for all fitness levels. If you are young, fit, and work out with a bit more intensity, you can get a high-end, gym quality elliptical trainer like a Life Fitness model. These will have all sorts of variety in resistance, fitness programs, and other bells and whistles. If you are older or a little less fit, you can get a glider like the Gazelle Edge, which has no resistance and simulates walking.

4) Elliptical trainers can fit any budget. If you want to spend several thousand dollars on a gym quality machine for your home gym, there are lots of options that are worth every penny. If money is tight, you can get a glider, like the Gazelle Edge, for $130, which will do the job nicely.

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