Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Newsletter

The science of nutrition is young and evolving. The tools to study the associations between our diet and our health are only a few decades old.  We have learned much, but clearly we have a way to go. High quality research is being published monthly that calls into question many of our older ideas about diet and disease. In order to help keep my clients on top of this research, I have decided to create a free newsletter delivered directly to their email address.

The newsletter will be published every 2 months and will provide valuable information on weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and preventative health.  Content will include: feature articles, research updates, book reviews, product reviews, questions and answers, and much more.

I strongly believe in permission based communications.  If you sign up for the newsletter, be rest assured that I will never share or sell your email address to anyone for any reason. You will also have the ability to opt out anytime you like.

If you are interested in signing up for this free newsletter, just click this link:  and enter your name and email address.

Here’s to your good health!
Dr. Thomas L. Halton

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