Friday, January 14, 2011

Product Review: Streaks Motivational Calendar

            Streaks Motivational Calendar is an App for the Iphone, Ipod touch and the Ipad.  It was created by Fantzer, Inc and costs just $1.99 to download and use.  It is an extremely simple concept but it is also extremely effective.

            Streaks allows you to create a calendar with a goal in mind.  Every day that you are successful in obtaining your goal, you mark it down on your calendar for that day.  Streaks will keep track of your consecutive days of success.  It also will record your longest streak so you have something to shoot for. 

            It doesn’t sound like much but it is highly motivating.  Especially if you are competitive with yourself like I am and most of my clients are.  If you are having trouble with an element of your diet or lifestyle, download the app and make a calendar.  Say you are trying to do your cardio every single day.  You start the calendar and see how far you go.  Maybe you make it only  4 days the first try.  Then if you mess up, you start over and your goal is to beat your longest streak of 4 days.   Before you know it, you are accomplishing your goal for longer and longer periods of time. 

You can use Streaks for fitness goals (cardio, resistance training tracking), dietary goals (giving up sugar, not eating after 8:00 PM) or even lifestyle goals (like getting 7 hours of sleep).  Whatever your goals are, this little inexpensive app gives you a sense of control and competition. Sometimes that is enough to get you going towards a lifestyle change that you have been struggling with a bit.

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