Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome To My Blog!

         Welcome to my Blog!  My name is Dr. Thomas L Halton and I want to start off by telling you a bit about myself.  As far as my background, I’m a recent graduate of Harvard University with a doctorate in Nutritional Epidemiology.  This is basically a fancy way of saying I study how nutrition affects diseases, most notably heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. I also hold Masters Degrees in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.  I am a Licensed Nutritionist in the State of Massachusetts, a Certified Nutrition Specialist and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

          I own and run Fitness Plus, a personal training and nutrition counseling company based in Boston.  In recent years I have taught grad school at Simmons College, served as a research consultant at The Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas, launched a lecture business on health and fitness and I even have a book out on weight loss called The Weight Loss Triad.

          Helping people to live better lives through proper diet and exercise is a true passion for me.  That is the subject of my Blog.  In the future, I will update this Blog with all sorts of useful information, including:

          Research Breakthroughs- I’m constantly reviewing the latest research on diet, exercise and obesity.  When I come across an important study, I’ll summarize the results here on the Blog.

          Tips on how to lose weight and reduce your risk of today’s most deadly diseases.

          Questions And Answers- Certain questions keep coming up in my private practice and also with the patients of the medical practice that I work for.  I’ll answer some of the most common questions I receive.

          Feature Articles- These are research articles that I’ll post on a variety of topics including general nutrition, weight loss, disease prevention, supplements, etc.

          Book Reviews- When I come across a great book on health and fitness, I’ll review it here.

          Product Reviews- When I come across a great product to help you attain your health and fitness goals, I’ll review it here.

          Recipes And Shopping Tips- To help you reach your health and fitness goals.

          Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me with comments or questions about any of the posts. (fitnessplus14@gmail.com).

Here’s to your good health,

Dr. Thomas L Halton

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